This company roped me in…..

to my newest, latest, greatest doglet purchase! 

Found My Animal dog leads, or leashes, are for adopted animals and their people. Their tag line. But they’ve already made walking that adopted bolter of mine, Mignon, a much more relaxing, more confident experience. One of my greatest friends, kee, who promotes the most awesome organic goodness (apparel, accessories, skin products, etc.) through her company TrunkShow, including her own frothy + delicious organic cotton clothing designs called Loup Charmant, recommended these leads, even let me take two home to think about, as a solution to one of the problems I was having with our shelter Pomeranian.

Mignon’s former round nylon leash was a huge problem, especially when she + P got hit by a bicycle delivery person going the wrong way in the dark down our street a couple of weeks ago. As P picked the bike off Mignon’s little back, the leash slipped off and out of his hand and she bolted to Avenue C + 5th St. Somehow able to cheat death, she barely skirted 2 cars and a cab. Finally, someone, thankfully, was able to stomp on the end of her leash, sending her into paroxysms of psycho-skittishness, a virtual fighting fish on the end of a line.

The Found leads are crafted by New England rope-makers using custom-made hand-spliced rope that is “whipped” (a nautical term) so it won’t fray and will endure thousands of pounds of pull. But here’s the literal catch: with adjustable solid brass O-rings and marine-grade Italian bronze hardware clips on both ends, the Found leash allows you to wrap and attach it, belt-like, around your waist or over your body, sash or messenger bag-like. It’s also great for going no-hands, when you need to pick up “little prezzies” with one hand, while praising lavishly with the other. Or, in my case, when palms or wrists  hurt from carpal tunnel surgeries. It also means that my little 6-pounder can hop all she wants, circus dog-esque, on her hind legs, pulling dramatically on the leash to go home and I don’t have to worry about losing her to slippage, distraction or leash malfunction. Just in case, I decided to keep both: a medium-diameter khaki rope, Tag #1372, and a bigger black mariner’s lead Tag #1818.

The tags, individually-numbered and stamped brass, remind us of how unique each animal is, plus track how many have been helped through Found so far: 25% of all profits go to the Louis Animal Foundation, a NFP dedicated to spaying/neutering + providing homes.

Here’s to every rescue dog out there getting “found” and a super THANK YOU shout out to kee, TrunkShow + Found My Animal.

To find Found:
* Anthropologie
* Animal Haven Soho
* Doggystyle, NYC
* Opening Ceremony
* Earnest Sewn

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