The Ice Storm Cameth

Ice Tree

Inside, ma belle-soeur had her own set of winter trees, based on Bhat’s, but with her own talented twist, beautifully juxtaposed against the winter wonderland just through the picture windows over the new deck and landscaped back yard.

As luck would have it, we were able to attend another Bhat Boy art opening, appropriately named O Canada, our second BBoy exhibit at the Snapdragon Gallery. G’s painting instructor is the cutest thing! Of course, Bhat sports a bat wing hair style — and I mean with little horns sticking straight up — that’s white with black polka dots and for this exhibit he was wearing a short military jacket he said he’d purchased when he was “a starving artist in Italy.” We got to view his vibrant snow-laden fir tree scenes from his country cabin, political dragons, Ottawa city ‘scapes and some summer sunflower left-overs. Many of his paintings have the most hysterical titles, like the one with geese swooping over a group of nuns (“Honk If You Love Jesus”),  one of a Prague convent (“The Spying Nun”) and koi in a glass fishbowl (“Wet Dreams”). Bhat says he takes just as much care naming his works as painting them, eschewing the easy way out of the soul-less “Untitled.”

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