THANK YOU, Healthy Holiday Giveaway

Wellness that is being allowed—or the wellness that is being denied—is all about the mindset, the mood, the attitude, the practiced thoughts. There is not one exception, in any human or beast; because, you can patch them up again and again, and they will just find another way of reverting back to the natural rhythm of their mind. Treating the body really is about treating the mind. It is all psychosomatic. Every bit of it, no exceptions.

— Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Philadelphia, PA on Monday, May 13th, 2002 # 285

From Jerry and Esther, Abraham-Hicks Publications 

Fashion Whirled thanks our dear readers who partook in the ZeroWater Healthy Holiday Giveaway last week. Thanks goes out to ZeroWater for their kind collaboration and offer of free water filter pitchers. We had a great response and I hope you all hydrate healthily over the holidays once you get yours. Please tell me what your body and mind think of it!
Happy Holidays!

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