Pure Food & Wine, Pure YUMBLY Delish & Bliss

Cheers! We FINALLY ate at Pure Food & Wine!
After hearing amazing things from friends and reading tons of press for SOOOO LONG (how is it possible it’s been open for SEVEN years and we’ve never gone?!), we finally went with our friend Gigi and her lovely crew, Cassandra and Lenny, who were in town for the weekend.
 TESTIFY! The SALSIFY! on my chicories salad was so crispy and delish. Much better than even real bacon. Boy, have I done an about face! No more tempting me with a pole hung with pork!
The favored soup of the table –avocado and sweet corn. So dreamy creamy!

 Zucchini and local heirloom tomato lasagna
 Pad Thia with kelp noodles — major yumbly.
 Clever spanakopita with spinach and almond feta.

 This was my dish, a bit rich for me, the sunchoke gratin, but the vanilla poached pear bits were lovely.
 Favorite tasted plate: Lenny’s polenta with braised Swiss Chard. YUMBLY, indeed! My choice next time.
 And I shouldn’t have done it after the nutritional microscopy appointment revealed my addiction and sensitivity to suger and yeast (helloooo Candida), but this pumpkin “cheesecake” was my absoLOVE dish of the entire dinner. The smoothest brown ale “ice cream” made with cashnew nut and coconut, and the creamiest cheesecake with pecan brittle. Of course, the brown ale caramel drizzle was my FAV. 
Can’t wait to return! The next trip won’t be seven years in the making. I promised myself!

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