NY Mag Retrospective on Alexander McQueen

Just saw this NYMag.com post today on our dearly departed designer Alexander McQueen.

Retrospective: A Decade of McQueen’s Work

As news spread of Alexander McQueen’s death, the fashion industry reeled. McQueen’s creativity, his blend of couture and perfect tailoring, his ability to go beyond the average fashion show and put on a real spectacle — all made him one of a kind. His creations were pure whimsy; they may not have always been wearable, but they were beautiful. He was a fashion dreamer, and sadly, as of today, we don’t have many of those left. He’ll be missed by many and he’s leaving a hole in many hearts today. We put together a look at some of our favorite pieces from his collections, dating back to 2001.
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Rest in peace, oh talented one.

Rest in peace.


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