Let them eat cake ~ from db sweets!

If Marie Antoinette had only had this cake at her court, maybe all would have been forgiven. And, yes, that is a cake, not a hat.

The “*m” birthday cake, left, a full three tiers of crowned glory was the royal topper to a birthday party last Friday for a friend. Painted fondant, sweet sugar pearls, crown “molding” and fluffy white cake with a chocolate ganache filling. Yumbly!

Cake Artist Donna Block (far left), the db of db sweets, creates custom cakes from scratch ~ edible masterpieces of frosted perfection lovingly concocted at her Park Slope bake studio. Trained at the French Culinary Institute in Bakery Arts, Donna hails from NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology and an earlier career as a textile designer and color + trend forecaster. All design aspects she’s been able to dip into for her cake creations. Her cakes are unique and whimsical, all exquisitely hand made and, with an extra dose of specialness, all hand delivered.  Donna also makes batches of delicious cupcakes known as db sweeties.

I was lucky enough to be part of last Friday night’s, ahem, taste test of the above creation (thanks to the aforementioned *m). Sugar smitten, I conned my hubby P into saving his fondant for me. Talk about a sugar rush!

I highly recommend miss db and her conspicuous confections!

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