John Bartlett AW12

John Bartlett has an incredibly kind heart, soul and disposition, plus an affinity for all things four-legged — or in the case of his muse and late best friend, Tiny Tim, three-legged. 
He used all to great advantage for his return to NYFW, where he showed his “future-rustic” collection last week — yet nowhere was a whip of leather, wool or any other animal by-product.
This outspoken and sympathetic animal-activist-vegan designer upcycled vintage wool blankets for ponchos and outerwear, including his cool blanket mobius, below. He culled organic cottons for leggings and henley tops. 
Most amazingly, he partnered with Schott for a new re-interpretation (remember his vibrant Hush Puppies collaboration that put him on the map years ago?).  This time JB reworked that old standby, the Perfecto jacket, into colorful or richly-hued ultrasuede. Best thing about it? Not a single “ultra” had to sacrifice its life in the name of fashion.

Photos by Greg Vaughan

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