Home, Sweet Home Stay: Amaru

Robb at work, shooting the adorable Lourdes, one of the children in the family’s home where P and I stay that Thursday night. Lourdes is incredibly photogenic, uncannily so, and Robb gets amazing shots of her. View the pro’s works here.

Lourdes, Sonia with the baby, Josué, in her back pouch, Adrian, Nicodemo (12-year-old son of our hosts, Thomas and Irma), and Gus in the background.

P behind a wild rose that Nico picked for me as we walked the villages near sundown on the mountain.

The family that works together…works together!

Robb shooting sunset, Jeannie taking notes, the boys all taking it in up on a mesa high above the dirt-floored house of Thomas & Irma.

We’ve seen a wild horse uproot its tether, a feral dog protecting ducks, Lourdes walking past us carrying a bag of quinoa and a bag of freshly-made queso for tonight’s dinner of soup. But I’m beginning to feel quite queasy and do not relish the idea of walking mountainous paths in the dark, even though our moon looks to be nearly full and incredibly lustrous, so I try to urge everyone back down the way we’ve come.

One of our new buddies, this dog has followed us since the homestead. He seems to be enjoying the view as much as we are.

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