Ho Ho Ho’s Everywhere!!!!

SantaCon, to illuminate, is the annual Santa “Convention” where people roam all over Manhattan (and sometimes parts of Brooklyn) singing carols, giving out candy, ho-ho-ho’ing, all dressed up like Santa, sexy elves (because, really, dressing up like Santa is all about sexy, right? I mean, right????), Xmas trees, dreidels, and any other Xmas-like costume one can dream up….

Okay, it’s really pretty much a pub crawl with general rabble-rousing starting tomorrow morning at 10. That is not me, above, in the pic with P, just a cutie “conventioneer,” part of the Santa pack parading on the 6 train. I’ve gone in the past (can I hear it for the sexy elves?! I’ve been in the NYPost 2 years in a row, people!), but if it’s going to be as cold as it was this morning when I walked the dog, I’m rethinking bringing sexy back…to SantaCon, that is.

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