Grapes and Greens: Goan treasures

Near and dear to my heart — the cook (my lovely friend and gracious host Ilene), the blogger (the talented Deborah of Grapes and Greens), the food (Indian made with fresh ingredients carried via Ilene in her suitcase back to the States), the cauliflower (doused with chocolate and chili) and the venue (shared Brooklyn offices of Mark and Ilene).

Click on the link below for Deborah’s take on Saturday night’s delicious Indian excursion:

Grapes and Greens: Goan treasures: Isn’t it great when someone else does the cooking? My dear friend Ilene was eager to share some Ayurvedic recipes she had mastered on her r…

the cook!

 the table!
the cauliflower!
the salmon!
  the desert fruit!

 the foyer that greeted guests!

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