Fa-la-la-la-Follow Me!

 International sign of hospitality
A day or so ago, I had a post that asked you to follow me via Bloglovin’.  And I thank you for that if you did it!
There are other ways to be a part of Fashion Whirled, too. One is to get each new post blasted to your email, that way you’ll never miss your FW when there’s something new to read. You don’t have to read it; you can always pass right over it in your emails, delete it, whatevs. See the little widget over to the far right, where it reads “Get the Whirled in your email“? You just put your email address in there.
Another a way to follow is to become a “member” of my site — I call those people my Whirled Travelers. Somehow, I think this way of following, as a Whirled Traveler, is best and I encourage all my lovely readers to become one, please! You’ll see a little blue tab to the right, under Whirled Travelers, that says “Join this site with Google Friend Connect.” Just click and follow the prompts and voila! You become one of our preferred frequent Whirled Travelers. 
Sorry, no frequent travel points. Yet….
Thank you!

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