Ecoutez! Tarte Tatin Chez Moi…et les autres choses favorites

I finally baked a tarte tatin! This one was for P’s birthday the other night. Came out mighty fine, I must admit, and actually was a breeze to throw together. I switched on a French radio station from iTunes (il faut que je practique mon français pour ma classe de conversation!), strapped on a saucy little black-and-white kitchen apron and had my way with some pommes, sugar in the raw and butter!

No candles, but the sentiments were the same. Lots of birthday love! The heart-shape cast iron baking dish was supposed to have been a way-overdue prezzie for a dear friend, but I believe I have now absconded with it for my own baking purposes. Oops. My bad. Sorry.

The sprouts below were served with beet greens I salvaged off from some beautiful beets, both from, of all places, the plebian Key Foods. Not pictured: pumpkin ravioli, a staple fav of P’s, which were the delicious main course of the meal.

My own sort of borscht, below, that I made last week, from pureed beets roasted with a little fresh rosemary sprigs, both from Union Square Farmers’ Market on that Wednesday. Yumbly!!!!

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