Dark Shadows

Cue the scary music. Today’s the day that Tim Burton unveils his film remake of that popular Goth TV show, Dark Shadows, trailer on the website below. Who’s already got tickets?!

Everyone remembers Dark Shadows a little bit differently. I’ll never forget Jonathon Frid as Collinsport’s most unusual playboy. It will be quite interesting to see Johnny Depp in the role, really looking forward to that.

What did DS mean to you?

For me, Dark Shadows, Greenbriar Elementary School and growing up all went hand in hand. Everyday my sister and I rushed home from Greenbriar, our school across Ditch Road, to stake out our spot in front of the television at 3pm. We were both in love with Barnabas Collins and at least one of us wanted to be Angelique. Guess who?!

I went so far as to create a coven of witches (don’t forget, I was born on Halloween; it comes naturally!), holding meetings with my like-minded friends in my parents’ two-car garage,  a pentagram drawn in chalk on the cement floor, creating some concoction of Sprite mixed with our pin-pricked blood in a Waterford crystal decanter spirited from my dad’s bar set-up. I’m sure we never drank it, but it served as an other-worldly reminder of what might have come to pass if we could have conjured up Barnabas — or even Angelique — in our séances in the dark. Curiously, a bit of the fantasy seeped into real life.

When my ex-best friend/neighbor started going with (stole, in my mind) my 6th grade boyfriend, she and all the other kids at school mocked me. “Why don’t you put a spell on him and get him back?” They would taunt me at the tether ball courts. If only I could have had the beautiful powers of Angelique and the vampire bite of Barnabas!

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