Clamszzzh iszh Gooood!

Years, years, years ago a couple of my friends overheard a toothless old geezer-type guy tell his fishing buddy what he liked to use for bait. This was what he said, lisping, toothless speech imperfections indicated: “Clamszzzh iszh good.”

It’s been a catch phrase for us ever since.

P and I had the most delicious steamers yesterday at Smith Point’s Beach Hut, listening to a cover band play the strangest music (Pink Floyd on the beach, anyone???!!!) to a family-oriented group of sun and surf worshippers.

We taste-tested a couple other things, including clams raw on the half which were great and tasty-cold, but hands down, Moby’s at Sandy Hook has THE BEST crab cakes.

Yes, clams IS good!

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