4 Days & Counting….

The surprise secret birthday trip awaits!

YAY! I can’t believe P has been able to keep it hidden from me this long.

And I’m resolved to make sure I don’t find out until we get on the plane. Or at least, check in. It’s getting harder & harder to contain my excitement. As well as my 20 questions interrogation of P every morning!

The hand is healthier, stronger each & every day. Gotta get passport pix today; renewal tomorrow. I’m remaining positive that papers will be in hand by Thursday. Nothing like finding out at the nth hour, but at least it wasn’t Friday night at airport check-in before even making it to the security line.

The only thing that really sucks is not knowing where and what to pack for! I’ve got a million pairs of shoes and boots on the bed ~ different weather and terrain contingency plans can mean the difference between Wellies or running shoes, heels or hiking boots. Ladies, I KNOW you’re with me. And are we walking cobble stones or dirt? Trails or streets? High mountain paths or civil towns or villages? Viewing museums or shopping boutiques? Strolling avenues or admiring ancient Inca temples?

I’ve got various clothing piles started, too. Definites – the great layering pieces that don’t take up too much suitcase. And then the maybe’s: “what if we go….?” Like out for a nice dinner for pre-birthday night? Somewhere where I need gear from Patagonia? To a surprise party where I need a Halloween costumer?! All of this, hard to answer. The one thing I’m slowly realizing, though, is that a great pair of walking shoes or boots is paramount.

I’m tempted to buy a new pair of Uggs ~ the pair here would be great and perfect for NYC winter as well.

And I need to get them today, if that’s the case, for their requisite break-in period.

Off now for sustenance of the soul, spirit and body. Just had an alternate side parking altercation ~ no worries, it was only verbal ~ but my heart is racing and my ego deflating. Time to chill. Regroup. Then, onward, secret soldier!

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