Long Live the Holiday Lights

Let ’em light, let ’em last.

I’m all for holiday lights lasting waaaay past the holidays, at least well into January. And, heck, why not into February, too? We all start to feel to so glum around that time. It gets dark so early, it can be bitter cold, it’s a bleak time of year. Why not have something a little festive that lasts long after the Winter Solstice before the next happy holiday hits (Valentine’s Day, which, granted, for some can bring more pain than pleasure).

Retailers start too early with — dare I say — Christmas lights. Hey, let Halloween and Thanksgiving shine on their own. Maybe we should start a trend of black light decorations that begin early in October. Thanksgiving could switch to warm glowing tones. But then let December’s ampage remain and illuminate into the next year. It brightens the city to have an arch of lights hovering over streets, windows and fire escapes twinkling above, trees adorned in the parks, like ours is in Tompkins Square, above.

I sat, let’s start a movement! Make a petition! Take it to the mayor!

Shine on, holiday lights. Shine on!

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