Don’t Ever Sweat the Small Stuff!

To quote The Talking Heads: “You may find yourself living in a shotgun shack….”

One of my new heroes, Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, the guy in this video. Love that he has the house on wheels for tax purposes!

Everyone should downsize to a tiny home. It makes great sense: economically, environmentally, ecologically. Use your money to take family vacations, not pay for a huge burden of a mortgage.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Ever Sweat the Small Stuff!

  1. Am not really enjoying the proliferation of these videos online. I was looking at one where a family of three were living in a really tiny house like this one. Being someone who likes to entertain, or actually “live” in my home, these things go against everything I believe in, to my core. I am all for paring down and living as minimally as possible, but these things are horrid in my opinion.

  2. Well, I love hearing your opinion about these spaces, but I truly think it's more than a proliferation of online videos; I think it's how more and more people are living today and, frankly, are being forced to reassess the way they live. We “live” in a space less than 350 square feet and entertain, as well. We actually had a sit-down dinner for six the other night and it was engaging, fun and fodder for another evening of entertainment.

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