Instant Cheese is BACK! Polaroid’s apertures are open for business….

Okay, I knew it. It was going to be so wrong to throw out my old Polaroid 600 with its one leftover packet of unopened film. Even though Polaroid shuttered its biz three years back, essentially making instant party portraiture ~ where you could HAND OVER the evidence ~ dead in a flash. Although, I’m sure there’s a few fashionistas out there who’ve horded the equipment that made styling a shoot or organizing a shoe closet so easy.

Well, the Polaroid is BACK, baby. Urban Outfitters is making instant dreams come true with The Impossible Project. Here, per French

Le retour du Polaroid

Après la fermeture de l’usine Polaroid en 2008, on pensait que la fin de la photographie instantanée était arrivée. Les passionnés du mythique appareil peuvent se consoler : The Impossible Project, un groupuscule composé d’anciens ouvriers de l’usine et autres passionnés de photographie, a décidé de racheter l’ensemble des machines des usines de fabrication Polaroid. Leur mission : remettre le Polaroid sur le marché pour 2010. A cette occasion, The Impossible Project s’est associé à Urban Oufitters pour une vente exceptionnelle de 700 kits Polaroid vintage numérotés à la main et provenant des anciens stocks de l’usine. L’ensemble contient un appareil photo Polaroid (le modèle ONE600 Classic) ainsi qu’une pellicule Instant Film. Les kits sont en vente à partir d’aujourd’hui sur le site d’Urban Outfitters. Souriez, dites cheese !

Jennifer Neyt

And, in ENGLISH from the Urban Outfitters website:

“In 2008, The Impossible Project picked up where Polaroid left off—purchasing a Polaroid factory and equipment in Holland. Now they’re on track to start producing their own instant film in early 2010.

This year, Urban Outfitters proudly presents a limited edition of 700 hand-numbered deadstock Polaroid camera kits. This exclusive Urban Outfitters special edition will include one pack of deadstock Polaroid Instant Film and one of the most sought after analog instant cameras: the Polaroid One600 classic, the last Polaroid camera ever produced. Urban Outfitters worked with The Impossible Project on the kit, who recently purchased all of the dead stock, plus all the machinery and equipment at Polaroid’s Netherlands factory before it closed. Together they two hope to bring back new analog instant film for Polaroid cameras in 2010.

Along with the kits, Urban Outfitters will offer additional deadstock original Polaroid Type 779 Instant Film saved from the last production runs made at the last Polaroid factory in Enschede, Netherlands. The film has been hand-selected, tested, and stored at low temperatures exclusively for Urban Outfitters.

For more information about Everything is Possible: A Polaroid group Show, visit”

Dites fromage!


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