Teen Vogue Takes FNO Runway to the Street

Perry Street, to be exact, for a Teen Vogue Magazine block party. 
Moms and Dads ferrying tiny models by the hand or on broad shoulders. Bright lights ready for action. Inhabitants hanging out of chic-ly chandeliered West Village studio apartment windows thrown wide. For one night, transported to the Front Row.
Tiny models, faces painted, ready to runway
P.S. I Made This movement, waaaay better than street fair face painting art
Paint mine black and white, put a gate in front of it that says “Private Drive,” and make it one of the few, small private houses in ‘Hattan, please.
(P.S. I’ve coveted this tiny WV home since the mid ’80s. Isn’t it time it’s mine?!)
Put it in a shopping bag and charge it! Wish I could take home this home!

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