Liberty Project has an Agenda in the MRket
for the MAN Show taken with a Capsule

“The paper’s in the pocket of the boot with the buckle. The map’s in the packet in the pocket of the jacket…” (insert Red Skelton “A Southern Yankee” reference here). Whew! That’s a mouthful! Say it with me here, now — Liberty Project Agenda MRket MAN Capsule. Did I miss any? It’s a menswear trade show run-on sentence of epic proportions.

Anyway, it’s been a fast and furious week (uh, week? Actually, it’s only been a couple of days!) of menswear trade shows, catapulting off the high of Liberty Fairs’ venue change — giving that show the all-on-one-floor space of Pier 94 — all the way down to the echoing spaciousness of Capsule’s Basketball City arena on South Street.

We will recap all the fabulous, unique and directional new trends to come. But first, we fly to Budapest tomorrow. Puszi, puszi, as they say!


Project Show Spring 2015

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