Ricardo Seco SS13

Mexican-born Ricardo Seco has become into one of my favorite new menswear designers. His rock ‘n roll take on clothes for guys showed at the end of Fashion Week last Thursday, opening with a band whose lead singer rocked red jeans, with leather and linen clad models that rocked the runway and accessories that rocked colorful Mexican embroideryhand-stitched onto natural leather.
Backstage, after the show, Seco spoke of

how he used the natural cut of a pelt to give leather jackets and shorts an unusually-textured bottom edge, played with linen and cotton for suits and tops that looked crisp, clean and contemporary and added accessories that built upon the black Converse tennis shoes he partnered with last year.

This season, Seco rubbed black, silver and then gold paint on the toes and heels of sneakers before distressing it. His bags — and even one pair of shorts — incorporated the Mexican embroidery that he procured from a small town specializing in that craft.
Additionally, Seco promised us he has a US department store exclusive to announce soon. Watch for it here.

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