Local Bajan Color

For some reason, Blogger has been down the past couple of days and deleting previous posts and sending out old posts (My old Oscars post? Really, Blogger? Could ya make me look any more dated?!).
So, I’m re-posting this one…and, by the way, for Jeannie, Bay-jjun, as it’s pronounced, is the name of the people, the culture, the British-West African language…and, here we go again….
I know I promised a fashion wrap after the trip, but this is the style, as I saw it. There were purchases made, though, and more about those at a later post.
Please feel free to comment directly to the post, if you like, don’t like, want more, etc. I would love to hear from each of you!
 Talk about “southern” hospitality. 
And naturally there’s a connection to Charleston; the sun-bleached hues of the Caribbean colors on homes, buildings and shops reminded me of Rainbow Row, while in the 1600s, seven of Carolina’s first 21 governors were from Barbados decent. FYI, this 166 square mile island ranks in the top 20 of the world’s smallest countries.

 Apparently, the long, narrow side porch, most often associated with Charleston homes and the need for catching the breeze, was brought from Barbados. Cited is the Arlington House Museum in Speightstown, although we did not tour that landmark.
 Wow, acid rain. I thought the only blistering would be coming from my sunburn!

Okay, I guess I’ll have a Caucasian????

 So pretty in pink.

It’s rum, right?! Cuz rum is the local product.
All I want is a white picket fence. Sigh. At the water’s edge. Double sigh.

 Time stood still for us. It was noon the entire time we spent lunching on the waterfront downtown Bridgetown.
 Reminded me of our beach wedding seven years ago. Honestly, I kinda was thinking of this trip as a honeymoon addition to our initial mini-moon in Montauk.

 Local sea flora.
Local seaside fauna.
We kept seeing these huge, beautiful caterpillars around the hotel grounds, first stage to lunar moths, I believe.

He’d rather be surfing. Or at least jet skiing!
 The view from our balcony at Divi Southwinds…after we changed rooms. Initially we were over the front parking lot and the busy main highway. Our second room was a little smaller, but definitely felt like a vacation destination. After all, we have a street right outside our window at home!

And, as our pilot quipped when we landed,
“now back to reality.”

2 thoughts on “Local Bajan Color

  1. Kim:
    Beautiful. What a great trip. Hey, I want to know why you called it “Local Bajan Color.” Why Bajan? Is that would people call themselves in Barbados. I was thinking that would be the word for people who live in Baja California. Please enlighten me.
    Love you–J

  2. Hi Jeannie…Thank you for your feedback! It was a spectacular trip.

    Bajan is what the Barbadians call themselves and the culture of Barbados, as well as the English based Barbadian Creole language they speak. Or so my sources tell me. It's actually pronounced Bay-jjun, as though the word Bar-bayy-dian was shortened to just the last two syllables.

    Yes, love the idea of it being for the culture of Baja'ing freestyle through the Southern Californian terrain. But that fits only in print!

    Love you back, Miss J! xoxokimmie

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