PROJECT NEW YORK | Heritage, Customization, Individualization @ Hartford Denim Co.

 Jeans and more at Hartford Denim Co., on view at the Project New York show this past week. Customization is king at Hartford, where this precise, built-by-hand so you can break-’em-in denim company has a shop.
Dave, one of the three bearded business partners (he’s the one on the right, looking right, with a denim bag in his hands) of the Connecticut-based company that’s been in biz for just over a year now, said they may go wholesale soon, personalizing their signature customization to each retail outlet.

Elk leather, below, is a major component and signature material used for bags, jackets, even the state-shaped Hartford logo.

 Love this, from their website:
“If at any time any product purchased from or built by Hartford Denim rips, busts,
bursts or shreds, we will gladly fix it free of charge or judgment.”

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