Fern Mallis and More Happiness is a Bright Summer Dress

Just reading in WWD.com about Fern Mallis and her Calvin Klein interview last night, part of her Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis series at the 92nd Street Y.
Which none of us should miss, although I did and I haven’t got a clue who else she has or is going to put in the “haute seat,” as 92Y termed it (love it!), but at least I got to see her during NYFW last month, working her Sirius Radio gig. AND she was wearing one of my personal fav trends, Happiness is a Bright Summer Dress, or in this case, a tunic with capri pants!
Thought on this rainy, dreary Octoberian day, we could use a little bright happiness.
The lovely Fern Mallis, below, at Lincoln Center.
Pop art dress — a Roy Lichtenstein perhaps? — at the Lia Sophia press room at the Empire Hotel.
 Dandy-about-town Patrick McDonald striking a colorful pose in his extraordinary Joe Corre bowler at the Duckie Brown show downtown at Industria Studios.
Hot in line at Lincoln Center.
The Editor Happiness Dress.
Even taxicabs got into the happiness spirit during NYFW! Snagged this shot just outside of Lincoln Center.

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