Duckie Brown NYFW SS13

Actor Alan Rickman sat quietly front row, checking out the impressive Duckie Brown offerings earlier this afternoon at Industria Superstudio, his pensive demeanor never revealing his favorites within the collection.

Alan Rickman contemplating his favorites

“Fresh. Clean. Modern.” That’s how Daniel Silver, who along with Steven Cox is one half of the design duo behind Duckie Brown, described the Spring/Summer 2013 collection, called Duckie
Pleasures, later backstage. And while the clothes were definitely toned down a bit this season — very wearable with a more tucked-in approach to the tailoring — they still retained elements of the team’s signature wide silhouette detailing and unusual trouser cuts.

Wide sleeve of double faced T-shirt over deeply cuffed Passport short

Wide, deep sleeves adorned double-faced T-shirts while super, oversized cuffs finished trousers as well as shorts. Bleached denim crafted work jackets as well as 2-button sport jackets, while washed leather created the perfect bomber. And tartans and plaids were used for great effect on straight-bottom shirts, jackets, overalls, backless tux jackets and ruffle back trousers. Harness-like neck or arm belts trailed on top of many of the long jackets, for what use, who knows?!

Perhaps, one could imagine the models as fine race horses, awaiting a jockey to grab that lead before racing off to their next collection. After all, the designers are gearing up for their design debut with the Perry Ellis collection showing next Tuesday. It’s a race to the finish. For now, let’s call it a win, place and show for Duckie Pleasures!

 Bleached denim 2-button over dark denim overalls

Dark denim with one arm belt loop

Straight bottom tartan shirt

 Square bottom plaid shirt with plaid overalls
 Stone floral tux jacket with herringbone wide cuffed trousers and one arm belt loop

Cotton long tux jacket with Ettrick tartan Passport cuff trouser and one arm belt loop

Rickman, so gentlemanly and subdued, like his gorgeous voice

Designers Daniel Silver and Steven Cox, one show down, now on to Perry Ellis

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