The Lambs Club’s Menswear Gathering 2012

As the second January menswear market week got under way with MRket and ENK shows taking place earlier on Monday, members of the menswear industry reunited at The Bar at The Lambs Club at the Chatwal Hotel on West 44th Street last night. Our fifth go-round, this was our first of the new year.

Built to house the Lambs theatrical club, the Stanford White-designed building was a perfect midtown location for the group. The auspicious room, below, was a welcome respite from the rainy mess outside. Surprise guests included Derrill Osborn, former Neiman Marcus men’s tailored clothing director, who among others dared the weather to share their camaraderie, raise a toast and indulge in the sumptuous appetizers provided for the group by the amazing Chatwal general manager Joel Freyberg. 
Designer John Bartlett caught up with Osborn and retail mavens Stan Tucker and Joe Cecil. Journalists John Birmingham and Catherine Salfino reconnected with former DNR staffers, fashion show producers, marketing and publishing specialists. Designers new to the group included Raz Keren and Rufus shirt designer April Singer with colleague Kyle Cherek, who also hosts a television foodie show. 
Cherek would’ve been in heaven at the beginning of the evening, as we walked into the bar just as Lambs Club chef Geoffrey Zakarian, Food Network ‘s Anne Burrell and others were convening at a plush banquette booth in the middle of the upstairs bar.
Designer John Bartlett, right, with Stan Tucker and Randa’s John Kammeier (left)
Fairchild/DNR’s John Birmingham, Beverly Cogan Marksohn, producer Susan Sidor
Susan Snee Stolar and Robin Eckstein
Joe Cecil with Randa’s John Kammeier
Mr. Osborn with event organizer Holly Adam
George Saffo, John Kammeier, Mr. Osborn, Joe Cecil
Photographer Karin Kohlberg and prop specialist Bobby Taylor

Cozy banquettes provided for comfy communicating, noshing and drinking

L-R: designer Kevin Stewart, Susan Sidor, Catherine Salfino, Barney Bishop, Gary Williams

 Max Wilson brought designer Raz Keren, a newcomer to the group

Event organizer Mary Ellen Barone with Mr. Osborn
The Bar kept us sated with a flow of yumbly appetizers  —
 rice balls, meat balls, sauteed peppers and calamari

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  1. Great writeup and photos, Kim! The elegant Lambs Club was a perfect space for the party and the appetizers were delicious. The men's wear gatherings are so much fun! Thank you Kim, Mary Ellen, Holly and Tom for organizing and hosting them.

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