Do You Think I Have a Men’s Shoes Fetish?

 The other day I finally met Mordechai Rubenstein – aka MisterMort (written up here by the stunningly acute A Continous Lean). 
The menswear-centric blogger (Mordechai, not ACL) snapped me before the Andrew Buckler show in the meatpacking area, which was a natural for his blog, since I was wearing a black suit, white shirt, vintage man’s black-and-white diagonal stripe tie and these chunkyfunky vintage men’s military oxfords.
 He asked me if they were Church’s and I was mortified (seriously, no pun intended) to realize I did not know who made the vintage finds with which I had festooned my feet.
I am happy to announce — military drum roll, please — that they are labeled from the Craddock-Terry Inc. shoe company, and dated November, 1995.  I found out the company was established in 1888, holding a historic heritage handle on the shoe industry after manufacturing for the military in WWII. The old factory in Lynchburg, VA. is now a boutique hotel with views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
The tie, labeled LeRoux Men’s Wear, Magnolia Village, Seattle, Washington, is apparently my husband’s from Leroux Fine Apparel, a nearly 65-year old men’s and women’s boutique that kicked off as a men’s haberdashery. Check out the fab embroidered unicorn emblem on the tie.
Nick Wooster, my new fav fashion hero, lamented the fact that we both wore jackets on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of Fashion Week. What were we thinking?!
Next (cooler) time, I’ll top the whole thing off with my bowler!

2 thoughts on “Do You Think I Have a Men’s Shoes Fetish?

  1. In regard to the craddock terry shoes: I just bought a pair (unworn vintage 1992) and wanted to know if they are patent leather or just really shiny?

    Can they be worn for business or just for funky occasions?



    • Congratulations on your “new” shoes, Jeff. They are not patent leather, just very shiny leather. Depends where you work, but I think the Craddock Terry shoes can be as perfect for work as for any funky outings. Are you finding them comfortable? Where have you been wearing them? Send pix if you want!

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