Detail Oriented Menswear

They say God is in the details. And for those viewing menswear designers and heritage brands at Capsule and Project this past week, there couldn’t have been anything more heavenly than the attention to detail artfully manifested in so many pieces. 
From mixes of disparate fabrics like denim and unwashed wool for new sport coat hybrids to anchors patterned into sport coat sleeves to rattlesnake vertebrae or feathers attached, tie-pin like, on neck wear, attention to detail spoke volumes.
 Klaxon Howl’s combo tailored “jean jacket” coat of Japanese denim and unwashed Quebecois wool
 Number:Lab’s khaki and charcoal “letterman” jacket with 1/2 knit cuff sleeves
 Anchors away: wearing your tat on your sleeve
Ribbon detailing sewn onto waistband of flannel trousers
The designer’s family crest details Fahlgren’s label on ties and mufflers
  Sweater caps knit by “French grannies”
 Hang tags that espoused heritage veracity, above, and a feelgood attitude, below

Jonathan Meizler’s provocative collection of 
taxidermy-inspired couture neckwear at Title of Work

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