a few (ok, many) of my favorite country things

As we left the city on the 4th of July, this is the graceful image we encountered as we crossed the GWB. How more beautiful could the beginning of the weekend be, I ask?!

Waiting for the procession of marching bands, fire trucks, youth groups, antique cars, and, yes, even more tractors, setting up our stylish little parade seating.

Sun parasols, anyone?!

And, really. What’s a 4th of July Parade without the fire departments, the floats, the foals, the tractors (yes, again. those country towns LOVES them their tractors!) and guys + gals in kilts. Marc Jacobs? Are you listening?

Even ticks were part of the parade. Stuffed and furry, but, yes, ticks and big ol’ dogs ~ those Sentinel people were on the MOVE! Look out, Lyme disease. (Pam Pam, that one’s for you!)

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