Parking Lots? Or Parking Little?

Saw this the other day on a side street near the Union Square Starbucks. Great looking set of wheels, but with bike parking real estate so spartan and more & more riders taking advantage of Mayor Bloomie’s blooming bike lanes these days, this rider opted to pick a luckily unused spot of sidewalk, plop kickstand and lock up to his or her own set of spankin’ new wheels. I thought of it as a great leap of faith in mid-day mankind and, as I was on my own bike & searching for a spot, a terrifically smart if altogether way-too trusting alternative to the wonderful but few David Byrne-designed bike racks. My fabulous friend and lunch partner, TJ (photo courtesy of his iPhone, thank you very much), spotted a so-far free street sign pole across the street and I nosed my bike in that direction, just as I saw someone else with the same idea strike gold as they wrapped their bike chain double around the fluted metal. I headed down the block and decided to double up against a Chinese food delivery person’s trusty mode of employment. I only hope that cool self-parking bike’s owner found his or her fine steel steed untouched and waiting patiently to pedal off into the horizon.

Go with green & happiness…

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