Good Things Come in Small Packages…

…as my mother always told me.
And lucky for me, small is one of my biggest dreams. 
A house like this at 320 square feet (which, btw, is about the size of our NYC apartment), a lawn shed, a baby Airstream, a pod house, anything tiny and able to be purchased outright, no mortgage…and a plot of land with a babbling brook, a creek, just a lick of water and great views of the sunrise and sunset! 
Ahhhh, happiness…view the video, here.
There’s nothing like living large in a small space.

3 thoughts on “Good Things Come in Small Packages…

  1. I saw the video of this yesterday and thought of you. All would be brand new and you & P could put it anywhere. Maybe up at the Lake or near Shirley. Even better since you don't have a kid. Mignon would love it

  2. Cool, Mary! I think you should do it! Barb, remember the little green house from Monroe?! We just lacked the land…one of these days, ladies….but, really, we don't need that much space, right?

    As my friend Elizabeth said, it also helps make your carbon footprint smaller — less environmental impact.

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