To boldly go where no man has gone before….

As Fashion Week continues…Day 4…a bagpipe serenade opens the Farmers Market at Tompkins Square Park this a.m. The East Village screams its way awake, literally, via either the homeless (hello, Hot Dog), the crazies (hello, Hot Dog, again) or the dirty-stay-out partiers in the park.

Favorite new fashion news sources this week: (holla, LM!) and (fun, cute stuff, but they need to learn to spell check). Old stalwarts remain,, Oh, and of course, The New York Times, The NY Post, both online & on page. Oh yeah, and twitter, sometimes.

Wondering if Anna Wintour’s Fashion’s Night Out was the financial impetus and shopping success she hoped for? I read fabulous snippets of amazing cocktail parties, but it sounded kind of like a pub crawl for retail. I expected everyone in drag or Dior, with a be-bobbed party puppet corralling party goers for the next stop: “Okay! Everybody! Ten more minutes with Zac! [Posen, spray painting chic, expensive frocks in Bergdorf’s windows.] Over and out here! Jonathan’s at the wheel next! [Throwing pottery at Barneys with partner Simon Doonan spouting philosophic inanities to The NY Post. Cocktails on Mary Kate and Ashley! [The Olsen Twins, bartending.] Open Ceremony after! More champers, people! More buying! Com’on! Credit cards OUT! Drink up! Drink UP! People! PEOPLE! ”

Sorta like a Santacon fest, I thought, without the garish santa or sexy elf costumes. A blogger at Huffington Post stalked elusive buyers throughout the evening. I, for one, passed through the Big K earlier that day for a curling iron, just doing my part to spur the economy. Ran into one of fashion journalism’s greats, who was NOT buying a hair appliance for his golden-ish head of curls, but with a most sweet & lovely woman at his side, who I assumed was his beautiful wife.

In all fairness, my “bargain buying” included expensive wrist splints for BOTH hands, a new office chair (lumbar support and all), laptop riser, wireless keyboard and mouse. I would have preferred to have blown those purchases off and secured some Balenciaga boots for the season and a Kate Moss Top Shop shopping spree, but…due to nerve damage to my fingers and seven of the reasons for irregular blogging as of late…I’ve had to opt for more functional fashion swipes.

Anyway. Rock on, Fash-On Week….

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