Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Calm during FNO Downtown

As the West Village began to percolate Friday night, the soothing sounds of world musicians enticed FNO shoppers at the entrance of Greenwich Street’s Urban Zen, Donna Karan’s oasis of consumer calm, where the philosophy is one of philanthropy, well-being and empowerment, with proceeds helping the Urban Zen Foundation.
Men’s and women’s fashion and home pieces are re-salvaged, re-purposed and really, really gorgeous, with luxurious fabrics that begged to be touched (think cashmere, people! this is Donna Karan, after all) and statement necklaces that underscore Donna’s global travels. It was the calm before the maelstrom for FashionWhirled and our friend, Loup Charmant, the first stop on our destination of Fashion’s Night Out shopping and bopping.

Waiting for friends, in particular, the designer of Artemas Quibble, one of the spectacular jewelry collections that Donna embraces, we were entertained with a thorough and lovely presentation of the boutique and the Urban Zen mindset by Peter, our tour guide and boutique manager extraordinaire.

The rustic wooden dining table with matching benches played perch to candles poured into cyclinders rolled from pieces of old scrap tanks and left-over metal war materials salvaged from Rwanda, with proceeds going to help the villages there.
Distressed and lovely, leather  belts and necklaces draped a vintage mannequin in front of one artist’s striking photography of village women. 
Loup Charmant and I bid farewell to Peter, finished our fruit juice concoctions and exited, en route to the Teen Vogue fashion show, Juicy Couture, John Bartlett, the Meat Packing district, Opening Ceremony at the Ace Hotel, Barneys and then the zoo that was to be Bergdorfs.

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