THEM! Attack of the Killer Backpack

Scene on Ave A and 13th, NYC, Tuesday 3 p.m., about a week after watching that old black-and-white Early, Early, Early Show horror movie, “Them!” on TMC.
You might think, wow! This cute-cutie-cutest bug of a boy is being attacked by the spawn of a cucaracha crossed with a Scorpio — oops, yes they too have a sting — but I mean scorpion. Like the ones Jeannie used to have scarily roaming the floors of her Bad Dog Ranch house in Texas or the bathroom of her guest house in Provence!
And that the vermin in New York City are really out of control this summer. Already.
But, nahhhh.
It’s just his backpack. Amazing.
Does it make yer skin crawl? Run for the insecticide? Or just appreciate creative fashion accessorizing in NYC that much more?!!!

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