the ethereal wolf, the illuminated woman, the kee and her sister charley star

My girl kee ~ the lovely entrepreneur, shaman, wise woman, style guru and designer of Loup Charmant ~ is sharing more and more pearls with the universe this new decade. Her sweet sustainable LC fashion collection may be culled by a fantabulous NYC showroom soon for representation. Stay tuned. But major props & kudos!
Here’s to our all being hungry like the wolf while howling at the moon with our own siren songs.
Above, and the lovely lit-from-within clothing shots at loup*charmant, are the work of the exquisite charley star, another talent straight from the shared Edwards’ gene pool.

 Congratulations, kee. You and Loup Charmant are a testament to talent, creativity, hard work and the success that occurs when surrounding oneself with beauty inside and out.                xoxo:)

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