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Thank you, GBK! I came away from NYFW and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week last Friday feeling beautiful, pampered and loved, thanks to GBK’s Style and Gift Lounge in the Empire Hotel. Look at me! I’m positively glowing in Catherine’s photo below!

Apres Hard Candy makeover and relaxation at the GBK Celebrity Gift Lounge at The Empire Hotel

Apres Hard Candy makeover and relaxation at the GBK Celebrity Gift Lounge at The Empire Hotel. Photo courtesy of Catherine Salfino.

That was taken after makeup artist Irene Kim had worked her magic on me with Hard Candy cosmetics. In addition to being beautified, I had the chance to swig some Youth H20, to ingest a bit of sugary energy as I munched on a little toffee cookie corner from Andrea Greene’s Connecticut Cookie Company (with its vanilla right from my home base of Indiana and her grandma’s hometown) and to walk away with knowledge and supporting samples of some great eco and organic skin care lines, like those from D’Mademoiselle, created by Laredo, Texas-based dermatologist Denise Jolley, and Connecticut-rooted makeup artist Ann McDonnell’s Ecogenics.

I was really impressed by the level of entrepreneurialship at the gift lounge. Like, ever wonder what it would be like to get the last vestiges of your makeup out of the end of the almost-but-not-completely-used-up-tube??!! Nikki’s Magic Wand does the trick and should take the cosmetic world by storm, as Nikki Manns has created a little scooper that, if you will, allows you to get to the bottom of it all. “They” say, find a niche and fill it, if you want to be a millionaire. Well, looks like this niche has needed to be filled. Good job, Nikki!

In between I was able to ooh and aahh over some lovely accessories lines, like the gorgeousness of Cynthia Gale’s GeoArt collection of wearable art that embraces artisanal beauty and museum quality fine jewelry. Cynthia has pieces in many museums and combines NYC urban lifestyle inspiration (vintage subway tokens!) with that of Indonesian tranquility. On the other, trendy side of the scale, designer Jude Gadbois of JudeFrances does a magnificent job of creating affordable, desirable looks for Lulu Avenue. The leather and gold bracelets so sweetly gifted from Lulu were the same blue-green I had just lacquered my nails, too, so the “fit” will be perfect! . Check out their wantables – I mean! – stackables, too.

Hard Candy makeup artist, Irene Kim

Hard Candy makeup artist, Irene Kim

Kim makeover at Hard Candy SS14





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