Sanchez-Kane and the Lure of Sexx Toys

The covered art pieces on the runway prior to the show should have been a give away, if you didn’t already get the idea from the invitation. Artisanal sex toys?! Is there really such a thing?!

Sanchez-Kane Apparently, in Sanchez-Kane Mexico’s world. From the show liner notes that offered “Find your group of misfits and levitate together” to the plaster-of-paris penises donning the runway to the dancers wearing jockstraps and thigh-high boots or chaps or whatever they were as they weaved their way around the art pieces slathering plaster on chickenwire and then each other…the collection veered from the silly to the sublime, the aha to the avant-garde. There were moments when I was reminded of the silhouette play of Comme des Garcons, others of styling tricks from Toys in Babeland.

Sanchez-Kane Sanchez-Kane Sanchez-Kane Sanchez-Kane

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