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Wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to my friend and colleague Robert Solis, who, along side business partner Gino Hawley, launched a cool new social media company last year – Wheelhouse Social. This new social media marketing biz caters to the fashion world, as well as other creative and service-oriented industries, with intensive and individualized guidance and maneuvering across a multitude of social media platforms.

Rob Solis

Rob Solis

I met Rob for coffee a couple months ago, as part of my never-ending quest for news, networking and possible collaboration within the industry. He had a lot of great ideas and pointers for me personally for my professional blogging business, and we discussed hoping someday to be able to work together on a joint project. Rob, with his years of background in the fashion and hospitality industries, is incredibly knowledgeable in this area, and has a sweet, humorous personality. His own blog, The Refined Gent, has taken off with gusto as a guide to men’s style and dressing. I just love the name of his new company, too, an idiom itself a clever call-out to being in control and steering (get it? a boat’s wheelhouse?), mainly as a metaphor for motion. Some of the information I found in Googling “wheelhouse” was that the term came from baseball, meaning “the batter’s swinging range,” or that it was within the “sweet spot” of hitting potential.

Either way, props to Rob and his business partner, Gino, for stepping up to the plate for clients and offering a clear-cut “scoreboard” of services and strategies that can be molded to each individual company or brand. It’s what the future of our fashion world needs. Go, Rob! Here’s to 2014. Knock it out of the ballpark!


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