NYNow Winter 2015 — Over! I’m crying….

I am crying, CRYING that I wasn’t able to attend the Winter 2015 season of this, my favorite, favorite — did I say FAVORITE — trade show of all time?! And believe me, it wasn’t because of the messy snow storm (was it Juno?! I can’t even remember at this point!) that I couldn’t make it out.

I’ve been busy prepping all week for a super important retail meeting today (fingers crosse, and hope I’ll be able to post about it soon), so even though my heart was at the Javits Center the past couple of days, my body wasn’t able to make the trek.

NYNow Winter 2015Missing my girls Tam Tran from Lost Wax Studio, Teresa Kahres of T. Kahres Jewelry, Akiko et Atsuyo, Polly Wales (who’s producing something quite different this season – her second little one!), Miss Ellie, Coral & Tusk, Tracey Tanner, Swallow, Jen Goff of Takara Design, Julie Nolan, Lauren Wolf and Mujus, to name a few. And I can’t leave out the guys – Dana Glaeser’s handcrafted leather accessories at Slightly Alabama.

Hope you all had a fabulous show! See ya next season, when a NYC snow storm won’t interrupt your flow of business and you’ll be surrounded by warm juju days.



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