New Toy — err, Accessory

This is probably one of the most brilliant bracelets — for me — of all time.
5 simple answers:
1) “The Wizard of Oz” is my #1 fav film. 
2) I am a good witch…
3) …because I was born on Halloween, with all the witchy powers that “holiday” could instill in me.  
4) Black and ivory are THE hot color combo du jour for Spring 2012.
5) I wear black all the time, so it will match everything. 
Well, that last one’s sort of a no brainer and not really even totally true anymore.
I recently received this witty wrist wrapping from my dear friend *m. And it was absolutely meant for me. Her friend Suzi, who owns the über-cool home decor shop, Collier West, kicked the bracelet in as her share of a clothing swappage hosted by *m a couple of weeks ago. I say absolutely meant for me because…. Wait for it. 
Look. At. The. Last. Picture. Below.
Under the crown are…

my initials. I actually thought *m had had it engraved for me! In reality, they are the initials of the artist/designer, who’s signature is in script inside the beautiful bangle:  Jessica Kagan Cushman. The Nantucket bracelets, for sale on her website, are like gorgeous scrimshaw pieces of wearable wisdom (like the popular platitude “Be Calm and Carry On”), which is what inspired her initially — scrimshaw ivory napkin rings. Even better than my initials matching hers is the fact that her logo is a griffin. A GRIFFIN. The very mythical creature I have been threatening to tattoo on my other, un-tatted wrist for a couple of years. And she writes on her accessories. And I’m a writer… LOL! Ahhh. Well, you get the picture. Synergy is so sexy and beguiling.

And now I suppose you’re going to ask me what the “J” stands for in MY name. All guesses welcome! Post a comment, below. The best guess wins. What, I’m not sure. But we’ll think of something magical!

4 thoughts on “New Toy — err, Accessory

  1. This reminds me of when I first met Robb, working on a story about a man named B. Don. We both guessed what the B stood for and the winner got…well, the winner got something good that will remain unmentioned. I won!! The full name was Billy Don.

    So, let's see, maybe it's Jilly Kim Cihlar??

    Love the bracelet by the way.

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