Menswear, Reunited

Many members of the menswear fashion industry were feeling the love last night, reuniting at The Campbell Apartment, the hidden gem of Grand Central, for a re-meet & re-greet in NYC.

What started out as four or five friends hooking up for drinks after the trade shows went viral, turning into something truly beautiful to behold. Tenaciously and graciously prompted by Holly Adam, owner of CashmereinC. (always an instigator, since our days back at Rose’s in Florence, Italy during the men’s shows!), and co-hosted by Bobby Taylor of Taylor Creative, Mary Ellen Barone and Tom Julian of the Tom Julian Group, and myself, the evening brought together many of our long-standing menswear friends, some of whom we haven’t seen in years, including some of my former Fairchildren from DNR! 
Many within the group that graced the evening have progressed over the years to varied and diverse new posts, ranging from fashion directors to retailers, marketers, producers, authors, fashion bloggers and publishers. Some of our favorite designers dropped in, from John Bartlett to Jeffrey Banks. 
Kevin Krier of Kevin Krier & Associates with designer John Bartlett

Bobby Taylor, Stan Tucker and Kevin Stewart
Look for another gathering, most likely in the Spring, with info to come at a later date.

In the smattering of photos, below,  apologies in advance for the quality of the shots. Out-of-focus and red eyes are the result of my camera being on the wrong setting, not from too many Prohibition Punches, the signature drink of The Campbell!
 Kevin and Mary Ellen Barone
Mary Ellen and our dear friend Joni Fiore, co-owner of the Orange Domino Showroom in NYC
 Joni with my former DNR colleagues Lisa Marsh, now an author as well as a fashion blogger for and, and Bill Gibbons, now a publisher at Hearst Corporation
Former Fairchildren: The handsome Robert Bryan, author and menswear expert, and the beautiful writer Catherine Salfino, with designer Jerry Kaye in the back right corner
 Joni, Lisa M., Bill, Gary Van Dis of Condé Nast fame and Catherine
Consultant Lisa Silhanek, MEB, Kevin, Joni and IMG’s Christina Neault
 MEB, Joni, Christina
GVD and Joni
 Nelson Mui, Holly and GVD
 Photographer Karin Kohlberg and Kevin
 MEB, Tom Julian, Bill and Daniel Magnus
Me, BT, Holly, Stan, Gary and Kevin
BT, takin’ care of bizness at the end of the tab!

7 thoughts on “Menswear, Reunited

  1. Great to see everyone in these pics and sorry I had to miss it…duty called and I couldn't venture in from Long Island wine country wasteland. But I shall endeavor to make an appearance in the Spring should another reunion be held. Kudos to you, Mary Ellen and Holly for being so forthright and organizing this gathering. Hopefully the next one will rock even more. Be well Kim and all my old friends and respected colleagues. Peace and love.

    Ron (as in DiGennaro, as in Ralph)

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