MBFW AW15 Ricardo Seco:
Stepping Out the Real Way

Mexican designer Ricardo Seco has been doing such a wonderful job of making cool, wearable menswear since 2012 that every season I come away wishing my husband owned and wore at least one piece of his great artistically-crafted clothing.

But I’m on a different mission now after seeing his AW2015 collection and learning that this designer’s colorful collaborative work with New Balance isn’t selling anywhere here in the States. Okay, just do it, book my flight to Mexico City, stat! These brilliant beaded trainers are the perfect ticket for some hot sales here, if I do say so myself.

There was other beautifully beaded, or bead-inspired, work reminiscent of contemporary Mexican art. Seco said he wanted to bring Real to his collection this season, interpreting the traditions and innovations of Mexico for the rest of the world. Some of his graphic black and white patterns looked like stained glass mosaics reinvented without color. Some of those patterns ended up twisted into beaded detail work on the sleeves of pony skin and leather cropped jackets or on the flaps of backpacks or used overall for patterned punch on a hooded leather and wool coats, a pair of trim narrow trousers, even as a sport jacket with impeccable tailoring.

However, those shoes were truly the show stoppers. In black and white or in color. These are kicks that will take you stylin’ every step of the way, always in fashion and beyond. Ricardo Seco certainly is keeping it Real.

Ricardo Seco AW15

Ricardo Seco AW15 Ricardo Seco AW15 Ricardo Seco AW15

Ricardo Seco AW15Ricardo Seco AW15 Ricardo Seco AW15

Ricardo Seco AW15 Ricardo Seco AW15

Designer Ricardo Seco

Designer Ricardo Seco



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