Martha Stewart would be so JEALOUS!

the charming back of the barn/garage of my friends k & t’s super gorzwhah weekend country abode near Saugerties…leading out to mega hydrangea bushes and a humongous meadow, the site of many of Loup Charmant’s simple and simply beautiful fashion photo shoots for founder Kee Edwards’ EC, organic cotton and lovingly designed PURE collection that is hand dyed or left naturally naked.

hmmmmm….what’s better than an outdoor shower, gracefully situated among the mammoth hydrangea and right in front of the minute frog pond that’s offset with a whimsical japanese maple?

grape arbor, arboretum, al fresco dining room, open-air library, outdoor sleeping niche. herbs, like lemon thyme, grow wild in between the stone “floor.” frog pond is just off the provençal bistro table.

wainscoting cabinetry, a sultry, calming country blue, holds earthenware composting pots, ceramic covered pots (can we say pre-Le Creuset?) and other lovely stonewear table accoutrements.

red accents for a claw-foot spa tub in the guest bath.

a bit of nature next to functional utensils on the dining room hutch.

horns of plenty accent the arts + crafts interior dining area.

save time for a relaxin’ rockin’ on the back porch. then get ready to hike Blue Mountain or bravely jump off the road overpass into the waterfall overflow from the reservoir preserve! ahhhhhh. nothing like the country life.

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