Loup Charmant fashion shoot behind the scenes

After having to reschedule the production several times due to weather and then model and photog availability, Wednesday’s location shoot for Loup Charmant’s website mood pix found us at Ft. Tilden and Rockaway beaches on the most beautiful day. Seriously. There couldn’t have been a more gorgeous day. And styling with this professional and talented crew couldn’t have been more enjoyable. Loved the opportunity to work with photographer Jonathan Bookallil, makeup artist Yuko Mizuno (both with Rona Represents), hair stylist Gloria Espinoza (for the second time!), Jonathan’s right and left hand men Andrew and Will, LC assistant Quinne Meyers and, of course, the inimitabdes creative converter, Kee Edwards, designer & founder of Loup Charmant.
In between styling, I snapped a few behind the scene shots. Hope you enjoy!

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