Karin Kohlberg Photo Recap of January’s MensWearNetwork at The Lambs Club

FashionWhirled blogger Kim Cihlar, with producer Susan Sidor and star photographer Karin Kohlberg

Thanks to the amazing candid snaps of star photographer Karin Kohlberg, here’s a recap of some of the festivities of this past week’s MensWearNetwork meeting of  menswear minds at The Lambs Club.

I don’t think we looked this fantastic in person! Enjoy!

Tom Julian, fashion titan Fern Mallis, Kim Cihlar and Mike Crooks

Designers Kevin Stewart + Bill Kaiserman with Susan Sidor

Tom Mastronardi with retail icon Derrill Osborn


MensWearNetwork board members John Fowler and Kim Cihlar flanked by newcomer Ravika Gupta, Michael Arguello and Mike Crooks

MensWearNetwork board members Tom Julian and Kim Cihlar with Mike Crooks in front of The Lambs Club’s elegant backdrop

The gang, with former DNR scribe Nelson Mui, left, and neckwear maven Alan Behar, right


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