Healthy Holiday Giveaway: Score a ZeroWater Filter Pitcher FREE* and Get Stylin’

Because healthy is the new black.

If you follow our Fashion Whirled Facebook page, you already know that we’ve got a Healthy Holiday GiveAway* going on this week.

Fashion Whirled and ZeroWater. ZeroWater and Fashion Whirled. Together taking a stance for your health and happiness.

And why not? ‘Tis the season to make sure you’re as stylin’, healthy and happy as you can be, dear readers. In that spirit, ZeroWater is giving away a free 10-cup water filter pitcher to any Fashion Whirled reader who wants to try one out! FREE! (How can ya go wrong?!) But you need to act fast, ’cause this offer ends three days after this post’s date.

 ZeroWater’s 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher could be yours free!!!


All you have to do are these THREE things:*
1) comment on this post, below, as to why you’d like to try a ZeroWater 10-cup water filter pitcher
2) go to and like ZeroWater’s FaceBook page (while you’re there, why not follow Fashion Whirled Facebook too!), and
3) email ZeroWater’s FB Healthy Holiday Giveaway guru Matt at, tell him Fashion Whirled sent you and explain why you’d like to try a ZeroWater filter pitcher for free. 
But it’s mandatory that you do all three (yes, we’ll be checking!) before the deal is done.

So, you all know I’ve been on a quest for better health/healthier eating habits these past couple months (even healthier than
my cholesterol-lowering campaign the past several years), throwing myself into Stiggly‘s Sassy Raw Food Cleanse, gleaning internal blood cell information from a nutritional microscopy appointment at Live Live last week, dining out at Pure Food and Wine and learning to “cook” raw recipes (rawcipes, right?!). Listen, it’s very fashionable these days to look fabulous in your own skin. That’s why healthy IS the new black. Get it?!
And what’s one of the most important parts of a healthy nutritional regime? What’s the one thing we need more of than ever this time of year (besides fabulous, comfortable party booties?!)? What makes up the biggest percentage of our precious bodies? WATER! 70%, to be exact. So, perfect segue. I have been sampling ZeroWater‘s pretty blue ion exchange water filtration system for the past week, having been sent a free 10-cup pitcher by the company for test review purposes. Yep, FULL DISCLOSURE*, they gave me one for free just to check it out for your edification.  And I am edifying for you now! My take on the ZeeDub filter? Read on.

P and I’ve had a reverse osmosis water filter for a couple of years now, a delicate curved spigot that P installed next to our sink, under which is the huge tank, which is practically the size of our NYC kitchen. I jest, but it’s seriously gas-grill sized. It’s really easy to get the water pouring, just flip the faucet. But that’s once the tank’s filter has been changed and is up and running. And changing the sucker’s a major, time-consuming operation. I can’t even white-lie to you that I know a smigdeon about how to do it. Sorry, but that’s P’s job.

ZeroWater is basically like a Brita filter. A plastic pitcher with a filter that easily twists in or out. You pour the water into the basin and wait for it to filter down to purity. Like a Brita, but this advanced water filtration system has some additional immediate benefits and advantages. It comes with its own TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water meter, for one. Common readings for various tap waters can range from 002 to 050 for just a handful of cities (NYC is one of them), but still include impurities like lead and such. Most US cities, according to ZeroWater’s literature, measure 051 to 200. And the rate goes up. But ZeroWater can filter out those impurities and dissolved solids bringing the measurement to 000, lasting up to a certain amount of gallons per filter, depending on the water’s original, pre-ZW filter reading.
ZeroWater meter
So I ran our tap water into the filter moat and let it drain down, poured a little in a glass, popped in the meter and — voila. Seriously, folks, the water really did measure zero. ZERO. That would be 000. I then tested our RO filter’s water: 011. Water straight from the tap: 043. And I’m not sure how or why, but a bottled water of Poland Springs I had lying around from somewhere tested 038. I will have to do some additional testing, but as a rule I do not buy bottled water because I can’t stand adding to our world’s plastic problem.

For what it’s worth, since my nutritional microscopy appointment last week, I’ve added pH balance testing, too. The Water Ionizer chart indicated a pH balance of about 6.0, a little on the acidic side, for the ZeroWater. Our RO water tested more neutral at around 7 and our tap ratcheted up into the alkaline pH level, around 8.0. Interestingly, I’ve been told I need to alkalinize my personal eco-system, so not sure where this leaves me.

Per the filter’s website, the technology was developed fifteen years ago by a father and son trying to please the needs of said team’s wife and mother, respectively. Other than that ZeroWater started as a family affair, other high points are: the product is certified to remove lead and chromium; you get coupons to save buck$ on future filters (for NYC, your filter should last up to 40 gallons or more, says the company); it uses a 5 stage filter, which is supposedly more comprehensive than other filters on the market; it has an Ion Exchange Technology that does more than simple carbon only does; and it removes virtually all detectable dissolved solids. This per ZeroWater.
But what about the aesthetic, you ask? I have always loved the taste and flavor of our RO water. The ZeroWater tastes different to me, but I can’t put my taste bud on the exact flavor yet. Hubby says it definitely tastes better than Brita. The 10-cup blue pitcher is lovely to look at and you can place it on the edge of your counter or fridge shelf to use the pour spigot instead of hoisting it to pour from the spout. All in all, it’s a pretty great way to drink clean, clear water, if you have the space for an extra kitchen accoutrement and the patience and time to fill up the pitcher and wait every time you drink all the filtered 10 cups of water. ZeroWater does accommodate smaller and larger size requirements with a 4.5 cup bottle, an 8-cup pitcher and a 23-cup dispenser system, depending on your space and needs.
So, go for it! But, like I said, get crackin’! ‘Cause you’ve only got three days from today’s posting to score this amazing deal. So why do you want to try a FREE ZeroWater 10-cup filter pitcher? You’ve got three steps you gotta take. ONE: Comment here below as to why you want one to try a ZeroWater 10-cup pitcher for free. TWO: Click here for ZeroWater’s Facebook page and like it. Then, THREE, email Matt at that you read about the offer on Fashion Whirled and why you want to try the filter for free. Then, sit back and wait until you too are the proud new owner of a free ZeroWater filter!

And, then, you can toast me with a glass of clear, clean healthy fashionable-ness.
As Mike, my ZeroWater contact, says: “The solution to pollution is dillution.”

In other words, drink water and lots of it.

28 thoughts on “Healthy Holiday Giveaway: Score a ZeroWater Filter Pitcher FREE* and Get Stylin’

  1. This sounds like exactly what I'd need to get healthy in 2011!! Excellent article with many good nuggets of information, plus it's very attractive. The handle design is revolutionary!

    Jeanine Troisi

  2. Hi Kim!
    I want a Zero Water Pitcher because we want to eliminate all the plastic water bottles from our house. With 5 water drinking bodies, we generate a lot of plastic waste. YUCK!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. I love you, Ruth! Plastic water bottles out! Healthy clean water in! Let me know what you think of it after you get it.
    NOTE: I do wish this filter came in a glass pitcher version, tho. Hmmmmmm…. ZeroWater? Are you listening?!

  4. i am very interested in decreasing my water bottle puchases and improving my health in 2012..i trust kim's recc'd..therefore i would love to try a zerowater filter here in california

  5. That thing looks Ginormous! I hope so, at least… Bigger the better! 10-Cups? That leaves 2 for my cat (after my 8..) per day.. Should keep us all well-hydrated – and particulate-free! As you all know, I've got my share of water problems, so this sucker will be a great reason to kick my tired old “Britta” to the curb… Love the dispenser nozzle… No more heavy lifting!

  6. txq and Still Life you, you crack me up! you will LOVE this water filter, though, if you hate your pipes. no more dissolved solids. Yay!

    Alex, glad to hear that you're hydrating your cat, too! Isn't that spout handle the coolest?

    Love that you all are stepping up to the plate to decrease plastics on our planet.

  7. Well, it certainly is an improvement over the old fashioned filtered pitchers in design! But, I really want to try one because people just need to stop buying all the bottled water packaged in plastic. The landfills have exploded with these in the last 5 years. So I hope to help do my part to reduce, reuse, and recycle by using a pitcher like this one!! Thanks Kim for allowing me to participate in this!


  8. I'm a longtime devotee of Brita and appreciate the benefits of drinking purified water. I'd like to see if the ZeroWater unit is better (and perhaps) more cost effective.

  9. Gary, very astute. Love the idea of doing a cost effective comparison. I'm interested in your take on the taste test comparison, too.

    Mary, that tester makes you feel like a health scientist and really let's you know just how clean your water is or can be after using the filter.

    Bjorn, Tracy and Tim–it's probably one of the best designs I've seen for a water filter, right? I am beyond ecstatic how committed to plastic-free everyone is. My only design comment would be to have ZeroWater offer a glass pitcher, too! What do you guys think?

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