Goodwill Hunting During the Indy 500


Man, the midwest has some slammin’ style! And, yes, I could be biased. Just a little bit.

Wisconsin-based Fashionfarmboy blogger and dear friend Bjorn Nasett — the voice of style reason as the ambassador of and fashion expert for Goodwill Industries — has wonderfully creative ideas and style moxy. Love that he has shared his fav thrift shop haunts in Brooklyn with me, teaching me the secrets to his reusing and recycling brilliance. Last Feb, FashionWhirled benefited by Bjorn’s seasoned eye, scoring gorgeous Helmut Lang silk pants for $50, a daily-wear fav cashmere sweater by Vince for a little more and a pair of cool round black retro sunnies for next-to-nothing.

And just recently, on P and my annual jaunt to the Indy 500, I was able to take in the creativity, retro fashions and vintage home goods of The Enchanted Spring Market presented by The Vintage Farmhouse, thanks to my stylish buddy and fellow Hoosier native, the amazingly talented Wendy Auscherman. Wendy had a rockin’ booth of coolness that nearly had sold out since market opening that Friday at 9 a.m. Among her treasures was a wooden letter press stamp set that she’d actually purchased years ago in NYC’s West Village. Other vendors included the romantic shabby chic of Paris Rags, the hip mobile retail venue of Retro 1o1 and the one-of-a-kind furniture from your youth (tricycle or red Radio Flyer, anyone?!) purveyed by The Secret.

Both Wendy and Bjorn inspired my sojourn to one of Indianapolis’ Goodwill stores, this one at 106th Street near Carmel, Indiana. And why not? I always like to check out the local up cycling possibilities when I’m traveling. In the end, I walked away with 2 French striped cotton T-shirts, a colorful multi-stripe Dennis the Menace T, an Indy 500 race logo polo (for me but really for P), 2 sweaters, washed silk Gap pj pants and a lively floral print shirt from Kenneth Cole for P. And with my Goodwill Rewards card, all for under $25.

Now, that’s what I call slammin’ style.

20130602-120429.jpgEllie the Bus, the Boutique on Wheels of Retro 101’s Heather Pirowski

3 thoughts on “Goodwill Hunting During the Indy 500

  1. OMG, my father-in-law had a “fashion bus” back in the day. I think he called it the “Busy Bus,” and drove it to business areas at lunch time — for working women were too “busy” to shop.

    • OMG! Catherine, tell me more! I am dying to do this. It’s kinda like the old horse-drawn wagon that entrepreneurial guys drove house to house back in the day!

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