Friday: 5ive with Author and Brand Consultant Tom Julian

Once again, FashionWhirled’s installment of Friday: 5ive, our second column in the new series, posing 5 fashion questions to our fav interview of the week. 
 Tom Julian
Today, we pick the brain of Tom Julian, who has penned two Men’s Style books under the aegis of the luxury retailer Nordstrom, is a fashion consultant for readers of AskMen, a moderator for radio and television fashion segments and, as a brand consultant, scours the world over for the ultimate style and retail trends that he imparts to his clients of the Tom Julian Group. Plus, Tom is a close personal pal of FW‘s going waaay back to the beginning days of our burgeoning careers in the fashion industry, and we have watched him grow and morph and expand his ever-illuminating expertise. FW last saw Tom in action at the AskMen Academy kickoff a couple of weeks ago at the Dream Downtown Hotel here. Rock on, Tom!
Herewith, FashionWhirled‘s Friday: 5ive with Tom Julian.
Tom during a recent AskMen/Chivas event in Miami

FashionWhirled:   What role does fashion, women’s or men’s wear, play in your everyday life?
Tom Julian:  Fashion and style are a major part of my day.  My location, climate, agenda and activities all will determine how I dress personally and professionally.  I always try to dress first and foremost for my audience and that helps me to be more comfortable and connected throughout my day.  As a brand consultant, many of my clients will seek my company’s expertise and how to market a product or idea with fashion and that could connect to men’s or women’s. What we always keep in mind is the natural connection to fashion.  If we are working with a kids retailer, it’s about kids-centric trend items that mom will embrace and understand how the items have a mix of real style with price value. 

Tom live at the recent Fern Mallis menswear radio program 
showcasing one hour of chat and Q&A’s with listeners

FW:   Who is your fashion muse (male or female) and what role do they play in your career as a fashion expert?


TJ:  When it comes to men, I tend to rely upon Jon Hamm and his character Don Draper on “Mad Men.”  Mr. Draper has a strong image, tailored style and lifestyle that many real men get and aspire to.  Younger men connect with Adam Levine of Maroon 5.  When it comes to women, I continue to hear Blake Lively…I believe that most tend to watch celebrities that are visible on the TV screen, film screen as well as iconic events.

Jon Hamm as Don Draper in AMC’s “Mad Men”

FW:   If you could have any notable person – dead or alive – walk up to you for fashion advice, who would it be and how would you advise them?

TJ:Probably Michael Jackson…there was a point where he influenced a whole generation but then as he aged, he lost his creativity as well as superstar status…I believe that clothes and a distinct look would have evolved his career in a positive way as he aged.

King of Pop Michael Jackson

FW:   What is your favorite piece of clothing that you own now or have owned ever?

TJ:A made-to-measure Caruso (made in Italy) navy single-breasted blazer.  It has working buttons, hand-finished stitching, a ticket pocket and side vents and I never feel like I am wearing (or confined by) a jacket.

A Caruso jacket similar to Tom’s fav, this one in a two-button variation

FW:  What keeps Tom Julian reaching for the heights?! What would that sentiment be as a daily affirmation or inspirational quote?

TJ:  Three components that affect business and marketing everyday – the changing consumer, the influence of culture and the intense marketplace competition. Words of wisdom from “The Alchemist”[by Paulo Coelho] — “Watch the signs, they will lead you…” I have always found this to be true, personally or professionally. When change happens, there is a reason…when a door opens, time to walk through it…

The Alchemist provides words of wisdom for TJ’s life

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  1. Thanks, Bjorn! Tom really connects on so many levels to us in the fashion world, to the general public, i.e., men looking for style guidance and brands who need his vision and intellectual insight. Glad to know you like the interview and appreciate Tom as much as I do!

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