Friday: 5ive Featuring Grey Era Vintage’s Sierra Fromberg

Welcome to FashionWhirled’s newest feature, Friday: 5ive, where we pose 5 pertinent questions to our fav interview of the week and whose graphic design was influenced by our own lovely divine miss *m. Whaddya think? You likey?! Let us know and comment below!

Our premiere Friday: 5ive column debuts with Grey Era Vintage‘s owner and stockist extraordinaire, Sierra Fromberg, whom we had the pleasure to learn all about yesterday here. Major FashionWhirled thanks to Sierra for all the time she’s taken to chat back and forth with us. Now, get out there and go shop at her lovely East Village boutique. Grey Era Vintage is conveniently located at 435 East 9th St (between 1st ave and ave A)…you can come hang with FW before/during/after!

The fashionable Sierra Fromberg
Photo by Jamie Newman
Friday: 5ive

FashionWhirled:  what role does vintage play in your everyday life?

Sierra Fromberg:  vintage shopping as a shop owner is
one of my biggest creative passions.  i love everything about vintage shopping.  i love the hunt for inventory, scoring amazing pieces when and where i least expect it, but most of all, i love to see my customers happy when THEY discover something they love in my shop.  my wardrobe is at least 85% vintage at this point, so you could say i live the lifestyle i’m promoting with my brand.

FW:    who is your fashion muse and did they turn you on to vintage?

SF:     i would say the two biggest fashion muses for me are kurt cobain and courtney love in their 90s grungy prime.  his style to me is impeccable, which i know is sort of an oxymoron, since it was the last thing he cared about, but that’s what made his look so appealing to me at least.  the way he literally wore the same clothes for days in a row, how everything had holes and was so threadbare, the loose, baggy fit, that’s all SO my style too.  and courtney was such a babe!  she was the epitomy of a glamourous mess, and i ate that up as a teenager.  but she definitely put a more concerted effort into her style, which i appreciate.  she was branding herself as the grunge queen, with her babydoll dresses, patent leather mary janes and smeared red lipstick, and that, combined with her gritty songs, really spoke to the youth of my generation.  and stylistically both their looks still resonate and inspire after all these years, which says a lot about how smart they were at marketing themselves, even if they weren’t trying to, in kurt’s case.

’90s grunge icons Kurt + Courtney

FW:   if you could have any famous person – dead or alive – walk into your store and buy from you, who would it be and what do you think they would purchase?

SF:    i would love to have winona ryder’s character Lelaina from Reality Bites shop at the store.  she would totally appreciate every single piece of clothing in here.  for the winter i could see her with a sick pair of super worn-in baggy Levi’s, one of my perfect cotton tee shirts layered under an oversize men’s cashmere sweater (with some holes of course), and a pair of black combat boots.  in the summer she’d rock a floral maxi dress with the same boots and call it a day.

Winona Ryder as Lelaina Pierce in Reality Bites

FW:   what is your favorite piece of clothing that you ever have owned?

SF:    i don’t have a favorite piece of clothing, to be totally honest.  i tend to wear the same few things all year long.  but i do have a favorite piece of jewelry.  it’s the necklace i wear everyday from my fella.  he got it from In God We Trust, which is one of my favorite shops, and had it personally engraved.  swoon!

In God We Trust website image

FW:   in light of the meaning of Grey Era as the name of your boutique, if you had a  “grey era” saying of the day, what would today’s be?!

SF:    have FUN – it’s just clothing!!

FW:   kisses! xoxofw

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