Franken Hand: Journey to the Center of the Carpal Tunnel

Frankenstein “stitching” aside, this looks scarier than it is.

Just another episode of Journey to the Center of the Carpal Tunnel.

Oooooo! And that is scary!

By October 31st, though, I should be sporting a brand new ~ albeit year older ~ fashion look. 😉

The blue is merely surgical marker, a temporary tattoo, so Dr. B would know where to sew me up. The jagged monster motif is just my stitches OUT a week after surgery.

5. Count ’em. 5 of those little mothers sewn in last week and snipped off today. Yay!

I nearly thanked Dr. B for ensuring I’d live a longer life after I saw his “handiwork.” (Yeah, pun intended.) The incision area lengthens my life line. How would a palm reader read this?!

And that unwieldy foam “soft cast,” the one that looked like a fake mailbox strapped to my arm? It got left behind at the Doc’s.

Now, to do all the exercises, massages and strengtheners to get the hand strong and bloggin’ so I can get the OTHER hand done asap. The doctor wants to check this hand in another 8 weeks, but said if I can get my right hand strong enough earlier than that, then I can schedule the next surgery at that time. I’m shooting for one month from now. At least before Thanksgiving.

Still no sensation in three fingers or thumb (and we’re not talkin’ ’bout the left hand yet), but with the power of positive thinking ~ we are THERE! Dr. B says it could take anywhere from 3 to 6 months for feeling to return, and of course there’s no guarantee, but I’m thinking positively.

…we’ll be back full time with the “write” hand in no time!


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